About Naomi Seibt

The Naomi Seibt Institute’s mission is to inspire scepticism in the field of science and regarding socio-economic issues.

The main problem that society is facing today is that as we take it for granted that everything is handled by the state, we have stopped questioning what is put in front of us. People have no idea how to read studies, how to evaluate authoritarian measures that restrict our freedoms and demand that other people have their freedoms taken away for a utilitarian “greater good”. This utopian goal remains ill-defined due to a lack of understanding of the failures of collectivist/socialist systems.

Socialism is a euphemism. Reality is more complex.

In recent years, I found the topics of climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic to be particularly controversial and misunderstood. Sensible environmentalism and hygiene precautions can be effective if handled correctly and with the appropriate intentions and expectations. What is problematic is when an issue is blown way out of proportion to enforce policies that simultaneously ruin the economy and empower the state.

If people stopped putting blind faith in their superiors and could assess dangers and risks based on free uncensored information, we could open up public discourse about these matters again without accusing each other of spreading misinformation.

Many alternative media platforms create ineffective echo chambers while the mainstream platforms remain one-sided due to shadow-banning and explicit censorship.

To make information available to everyone at any age, I aim to break down complex studies and research for everyone to comprehend.

My goal is to open up a debate.

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